Chatting with models

Chatting with Stripchat models
Chatting with Stripchat models

Different tips?

Every tip amount has its own sound.

Sounds differ according to the following categories of token amounts:

  • 1-10 tokens
  • 11-49 tokens
  • 50-99 tokens
  • 100-199 tokens
  • 200-499 tokens
  • 500-999 tokens
  • 1000+ tokens

You may as well apply these sounds to adjust your Ohmibod.

User typology on Stripchat

There are different users on the StripChat site, such as Grey, Green, ex-Green, and Gold users. You will observe each username in a colour in accordance with the type of user they are.

This is what you need to know:

  • Grey – Users on the website who have never purchased tokens before and this is your opportunity to make them buy tokens.
  • Green – Users who have tokens on their balance and can tip models.
  • ex-Green – Users who used to be Green, but now they don’t have tokens anymore.
  • Gold – Users who pay for a monthly subscription and who commonly leave big tips. Only Gold members may become KNIGHTS! Knights are able to mute Grey and Green users who are being offensive or rough for 24 hours. Gold users are able to be in invisible mode, not showing their username and appearing as Anonymous users in the user list. Gold users might as well send you Private Messages, therefore, check your inbox oftentimes!
  • Admins – Members of the Stripchat team who are overseeing the activity on the website and they can help you with any problems you might have.

Block countries from viewing show?

Of course, you are able to block particular countries. In order to do this, you need to: Go to your Settings and Privacy menu and look for Banned Countries. Although we do not guarantee that users who use VPN will not be able to watch your live shows.

How ban or mute unwanted users?

Close to a viewer’s comment is the option to ban unwanted users. If you click on it, a box will open with a question to approve the action. Make sure you are banning the correct user, so check the username before you do that and then click OK. In case you ever want to unban the user who you banned spontaneously,  the option is always accessible to you. You may find it under the Banned Users menu. By default, Guest users don’t have the opportunity to leave comments or chat in the models’ room. You may configure your default chat parameters here:

Also if you don’t want to ban somebody, you may just mute them for 24 hours. This option can as well be found close to a viewer’s comment or in their user card. Once 24 hours passed, they will be able to chat in your room again. 

Note: Bans last for 30 days

How unban/unmute a user?

In order to unban a user, you need to go to your Banned Users list and click on the pencil icon, then on the small x button on the user you want to unban and click on Save. If you wish to unmute a user you may do so from their user card or right from their message in the public chat, by clicking on the red “muted” icon.

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