Model Earnings & Withdraw

stripchat model withdraw earning
stripchat model withdraw earning

Receive payments via Paypal or Western Union

Unfortunately, you cannot receive your payments by Paypal and Western Union, however, you may use ePayService (, Cosmo Payment ( or Paxum ( for instant payments.

Change payment settings

You are able to change your payment settings at Each time you make a change to your payment settings you confirm the change via your email address. Thus, you need to have an access to the email which you are using for your Stripchat account. It is needed in order to make sure that no one besides you are able to make any changes.

Information about missing payment

We advise that you firstly contact your payment provider so that he helps you with  any of your missing payments. In case your payment is overdue, you can always contact StripChat 24/7 customer support team at

Reissue a check or a wire transfer

Double check your payment information in order to make sure that it is correct before the payment is sent.

Moreover, you will need to add the these details to your request:

Beneficiary Name, Amount, Zip / Postal Code, 

For Wire: Last 4 numbers of IBAN or Account Number

How can model get paid?

Once model is approved as a model, you will have the opportunity to finish your payment settings. Make sure that your payment details are correct for the purpose of avoiding any delays in getting your payments.

You can get payments by ePayService, Paxum, Cosmo Payment, ACH/Direct Transfers, Checks, International Wire Transfers and EUR Wire Transfers (SEPA), Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies.

All payout methods don’t take extra charge for models/studios and payments are carried out automatically on Tuesdays, except Wire Transfer payments that are executed every other Tuesday.

How long does it take to receive a payment?

Cosmo Payment, Paxum and ePayService payouts are transferred immediately. EUR Wire Transfers (SEPA) International Wire Transfers, ACH/Direct generally take from 2 to 10 business days. Checks may take up to a month to deliver, it all depends on the postal services of your country. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies commonly take only several hours to be transferred.

How much can model earn as a model on Stripchat?

Your qualities, such as your talent, skills, dedication and hard work, all of them play a big role in how much you will earn. Successful models may earn more than $10,000 per month. We advise that you don’t stream on several websites, because due to this models cannot concentrate on every broadcast and the speed of the stream slows down, which leads to not satisfied users on each platform.

How much is a token worth?

For the model: 1 token = 0,05$

How often Stripchat send payments?

  • For ePayments and Paxum, there are payments every week.
  • Wire transfers and checks are paid every 2 weeks.
  • All payments are issued on Tuesdays and StripChat pays for all the previous time until and including Sundays.

Please keep in mind that payoffs are only made if the minimum payoffs amount is met.

Model hasn’t received wire transfer

It generally takes 3 days – 2 weeks to get a wire transfer. In case you have issues, you need to check the payment information and contact your bank. If it has been over 2 weeks and you still haven’t got the wire transfer, then you have to fulfill the contact form and StripChat will track it through their partner. StripChat may resend the wire transfer only if it comes back to them, thus, you need to be very precise when you add your payment information.

What’s the minimum payment requirement?

Minimum payment requirements:

  • $50 – for Bitcoin and Etherium, Paxum, Cosmo Payment, ePayService:
  • $500 – for International wire transfer
  • $100 – for ACH/Direct Payments and Check, EUR wire transfer (SEPA)
  • Free for models – Wire transfers.

Does StripChat offer protection from chargebacks?

Talking about chargebacks, you are 100% secured, because StripChat understands that this is an unlucky situation which can’t be prevented.

Nevertheless, there are 2 situations when Stripchat has the right to subtract tokens from your earnings:

  • Fraudulent activity: When users with vicious intentions are tipping significant amounts to models or when models are turned out to be associated with fraudulent users. Models need to to report any strange activity which happens in their room to
  • User complaints associated with a poor show
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