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StripChat model profile
StripChat model profile

Promote model paysite

Of course, you may share your paysite link on StripChat where ever you want, but only if these sites aren’t fundraising websites.

Promote other companies or brands on Stripchat

Advertising other brands or companies is not allowed at all, keep in mind that StripChat is a trademark company and doesn’t have the rights to promote somebody else without their legal (written) authorization.

Can model sell content on Stripchat?

Yes, you are able to make paid photo albums and set a price from 1 to 999 tokens for them. You may have as many photos as you want in your albums and there is no limit to the amount of paid albums you can have. Earnings from album sales are immediately transferred to the model’s account in the identical way as other tokens earned on the website.

Can model promote social media on Stripchat profile?

You are welcome to add your social media links to your Stripchat profile. Nevertheless, we do not recommend that you leave any personal information on your profile, like real name, email address or phone number. In addition, it is prohibited to promote other adult streaming sites and related to them websites, websites which offer alternative methods of payment or fundraising websites with links, videos,  pictures, text material, logos, etc.

Can model pimp profile on Stripchat?

In order to edit your profile: log in, go to the upper right corner, click on your username, and choose “My Profile”. Make a good preview photo. You will have more visitors, if you have a better photo, since it will attract visitors. Models with a pimped out profile and several photos have bigger earnings than other models on the website.

Why is it important to have a photo gallery?

If you have a really good photo gallery, then it may help you advertise yourself even when you are offline since you will look utterly amazing to users who might be potential Kings and Knights. Thus, it may be wise to have an album, which will be accessible to everyone or to registered users. You may as well give your friends on Stripchat access to a “Friends Only” album for free, for the purpose of showing them that you highly appreciate their loyalty. There are several options you may play around with respect to free and paid albums and this can help you start making a passive income. Paid album feature allows you create special albums which you may sell no matter if you are online or offline. We advise having at least 1 photo album and 1 video on your profile, because it helps improve your StripScore.

Who’s the King?

The King is the person, who appeared to be the highest tipper in 12 hours of streaming in a model’s room. This is automatically calculated in the chat and other users are able to see it and compete for the purpose of becoming the King.

What are Knights?

Knights are loyal users who are subscribed to the Gold membership and models choose them to help moderate the room. Knights have the power to mute users in your chat room for 24 hours. Model decides if she/he wants to make a user to be a knight.

Who are the Followers?

Followers are the users who start following you when they click on the heart icon in your profile. Your profile will be shown on their index page every time you go online. Moreover, we highly recommend that you tell your fans to click “Notify when online” in your profile. Therefore, they get the push and email notifications when you go online.

You will see in your profile the “My Followings” tab. If you follow other models, they will appear in the “My Followings” tab and you will receive immediate notifications when they go online.

Who are My Friends?

It is up to you, to accept or decline friend requests from users. In case you accept them, then your friends may start chats with you for free. Only your friends have the capability to send you a private message (and Gold members as well!).

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