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How can I sign up as a model?

register model for live cam show on
register model for live cam show on

For the purpose of registering as a model and becoming a member of StripChat community, you need to go this page:

Please note, that user accounts can’t be turned into model accounts.

Who can be a webcam model on Stripchat?

StripChat accepts everybody: couples, females, males, and transgenders, but they all have to be 18 years old or more.

Does this cost money?

Membership is FREE, regardless if you are a viewer or a model.

What does it mean to be a webcam model on Stripchat?

Being a webcam model on StripChat refers to chatting in a webcam chat with users and earning money. You may see our live chats and watch how other models work on StripChat.

Do I have to follow a schedule?

You are able to work what time you prefer! On StripChat you are your own boss! Thus, no schedules and no minimum hours. It may be wise to have a schedule so that your fans know when to return to your room. You may as well ask your followers to click on “Notify when online” so they get emails and push notifications when you are streaming.

How can I know that my account is secured?

StripChat understands the importance of online security, therefore they implemented two-factor authentication (or 2FA) to secure your account even more in case your password is ever hacked. We greatly advise that you turn on this feature. Consequently, every time Stripchat observes an unusual login attempt, they will automatically ask for a 2FA code to make sure that it’s really you who is logging in.

For the purpose of learning more about how to enable it, please visit and read our FAQ article:

When you are on StripChat website, you shouldn’t worry about the online security, because it is StripChat’s priority to protect their users’ accounts and information.

How can I earn money on Stripchat?

stripchat tokens for models
stripchat tokens for models

There are multiple ways how you can earn money:

  • Get tips for your shows

Members may use tokens like tips and send them to models throughout public shows. By sending tips to models, members show their appreciation to models that they shared their shows and answered requests. It is not obligatory, to tip models.

Tips for model show on StripChat
Tips for model show on StripChat
  • Earn from Private Shows

The price for each minute of a Private Show is by default 24 tokens ($1.2). Nevertheless, you may change this price on this page (16-120 tokens/minute). A viewer is able to ask any model to give a Private Show, however, models choose who they will give a Private show to. In the Private Show, the model carries out an exclusive show for only one viewer, even though spying members may join their private shows. The Private Show may be finished at any point of time by any of the two parties, or a Private show will end up automatically in case the viewer doesn’t have tokens any more.

  • Earn from spying members

Every model has the opportunity to earn from spies in Private Shows. This feature lets other members spy on a Private Show and by default it costs 8 tokens ($0.4) per minute. You may as well change this price on this page Spying members cannot write comments or demand anything. Spies are able to watch for how long they wish to, but only if they have tokens for that. In case their tokens finished, they won’t be able to continue watching until they purchase more. Models that let spying are listed on one of the pages in the top menu: Every spy pays less, yet you may have multiple members spying simultaneously.

Earn from spying members on Strip Chat
Earn from spying members on Strip Chat
  • Earn from Cam2Cam Shows

Cam2Cam is a cam show, which allows a model and a member see each other. Only 2 people can take part in Cam2Cam show: a model and a member, who requested the show. Moreover, the price of a Cam2Cam show is by default 32 tokens ($1.6) for a minute. Nonetheless, you may always change this price (32-120 tokens/minute)  by visiting this page Any viewer, who has enough tokens is able to ask a model for a Cam2Cam Show, however, models choose who they will give a Cam2Cam show to. Cam2Cam is probably the best choice for both novice and professional models, due to its individual method and earning potentiality.

  • Earn from Group Shows and Ticket Shows

Group Shows are similar to Private Shows, but there is no limit of people, who may join. You choose the price which users pay for a minute, and after you set it up, you may announce the beginning of your Group Show straight away or in 10 minutes. Users may either reserve a spot before the show begins of connect after it has already started.Even though, Ticket Shows are similar to Group Shows but with a fixed price instead of per-minute rate, you set the price and announce the Ticket Show 5 minutes before it begins. Afterwards users will book their spot with their tips in your room. In case you set a price of 100 tokens, for instance, users who send you exactly this quantity of tokens with their tips will already have their place for the show.

  • Earn from your Fan Club

In addition you can earn money from your Fan Club, which is a subscription service that you are able to set up whenever you want in order to start having a passive income from your loyal fans every month. There are three various subscription categories available and the user privileges to include in every category is 100% up to you. Depending on which one they sign up to, they will have a various unique badge in your room, and you will earn a various amount of tokens per month.

  • Earn from your Referral Program

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for models to engage their friends and acquaintances to Stripchat and earn money from that. In case they sign up using your referral link, they will automatically become your referred users. Afterwards, every time one of your referred users spend tokens on you, a 20% more will be added up to their token payments – but not for anonymous tips. It is only accessible to new users who were not signed up on Stripchat before.

  • You can earn money by winning bonus cash
Model earn money by winning bonus cash on StripChat
Model earn money by winning bonus cash on StripChat

Each model has the opportunity to win bonus cash each 3 hours! For 8 times per day you are able to win for having the biggest quantity of tokens earned. You may also find more information about the contest on this page: Furthermore, there are as well contests with much greater awards of up to $20,000 and these contests are carried out every month.

  • Sell your content
Swll models content
Swll models content

There is another way how you can earn money and get passive income. On StripChat you have an opportunity to make photo and video albums and sell them to your viewers. No matter if you are online or offline, users are able to buy your albums and this is an additional way to earn more. For every album you can put the price from 1 to 499 tokens. You can make as many albums as you prefer with various names and charge for them as much as you want!

Is there any way to rank higher on Stripchat?

StripChat has a unique system that backs models’ ranking on their website called as StripScore. Your StripScore is identified on different criteria which have to do with all your shows and your profile. You may boost your StripScore in order to rank higher on the model list and due to this you will be able to get more traffic in your room.

How can I improve my StripChat Score?

Besides from having a complete profile, the main aspect which takes part in improving your StripScore is your earnings per hour.

Can I use Skype or otherSoftware to communicate with Members?

No, you cannot. Taking users out from the website and inviting them to any other platform or software is strictly forbidden. This type of agreements are highly dangerous and StripChat doesn’t take any responsibility for any actions that is going on off the website. Models who are violating these rules will be banned from the website instantly and without warning. After all, it is prohibited in order to assure both your and users’ safety.

Can I make an arrangement with a member to be paid in anything other than tokens?

No, you cannot. It is strictly forbidden to be paid in anything but tokens. StripChat is not responsible for any payments like PayPal, Western Union or any other form of payment. Models who ask for these type of payments will be banned from the website instantly and without warning. Generally speaking, it is prohibited for the purpose of assuring both your and users’ safety.

How can I protect myself from unwanted recordings?

We advise that all models sign up with DMCA for their own protection.

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